About Drakes

coffee_pic1The road to better coffee started on a bicycle.

Not a man of mild enthusiasms, not a man who often says,“Oh, that’s good enough,” John Drake is, rather, a man who pursues his passions with vigor. When he first rode a top quality bicycle, his joy in its balance, power and craftsmanship led him to open his own shop, BikeWorks, known for world-class products and personal service. And when, on a bike ride into the countryside, his nose found a small coffee shop that brewed with fresh roasted beans, he knew he had had his last cup of grocery store ground.

John became an aficionado. After his fresh roasted coffee conversion, John began to research coffee production, buying roasted coffee beans from around the country, running up outrageous bills in overnight shipping in pursuit of the best, most freshly roasted beans. Before long, John’s wife Joan and even the roasters whom John patronized told him it was time, it was time to move on from being the educated consumer, time to BE the coffee roaster.

Where we are today.

The shiny, green Diedrich IR-3 roaster was installed in the back of BikeWorks in January, 2004. Over months of learning to roast, keeping meticulous records – and treating bike customers to truly outstanding fresh roasted coffee – Drake’s Fine Coffee Roasting now offers all of that passion and expertise to a grateful retail public. Sales are made online, through select retail outlets, and or course, to the walk-in trade at a bike store cum coffee roaster.

Service, advice, shared passion.

John is an eager student of coffee roasting. He will be happy to discuss your idea of the best roasted bean, and shares your passion for all that is good in coffee drinking. He also tells the compelling story of how bike riding and coffee roasting are sympathetically linked. Ask anytime.