Brewing & Storage

coffee_pic2In Quest of the Best Brew.

We have had many cups of great coffee yet it’s the striving for better that keeps us brewing.

The variables in any single brew are unlimited. From the quality of the bean as a crop, to the roast profile, the water, the grind, and more. As the brewer, you will benefit from attention to key basic principles and thoughtful variations. Brewing is where Drake’spassion began and how it continues today.

• The Drake’s Brewing Method Uses a Press Pot.
• Measure 1tb. whole coffee beans to 6 oz. water.
• Grind the beans using a burr grinder at a coarse setting
• Using filtered water (you just don’t want to use tap water, it contains
minerals including chlorine), bring to boil
• Using a liquid measuring cup, measure 6 oz. to each 1 tb. whole beans
• Water off the boil should be about 195 degrees F. Pour over ground beans
in the press pot and stir briefly
• Let beans brew for four minutes and plunge
• Meanwhile pre-heat your mug by rinsing it with extra boiled water
• Pour your fresh brew into your pre-heated mug and taste

Make written notes and adjust only one component at a time. For example, if you found the taste weakish, reduce the water amount while keeping the coffee amount and grind the same. In no time you’ll be impressing yourself
and guests with incredible coffee.

You probably have a drip pot at home – the sort with a glass pot that sits
on a hot plate. The problem is that drip models don’t make the water hot
enough and the water flow is inconsistent. Also, coffee cooks unpleasantly
when it lingers on a hot plate. Drake’s recommends you invest in a press pot if you want to get the most from a Drake’s roast. Also consider a high-quality, conical burr grinder.


Store your beans as beans. Since air destroys bean flavor, grind only when
you are ready to brew.

The next thing you need to know is that you shouldn’t put coffee beans in
the refrigerator. The fridge is a cool damp box full of smells. Which will
migrate to fresh roasted beans. No, it’s simple. The right place to store
your fresh roasted Drake’s beans is any tight container, in any dry cabinet,
away from big temperature changes. Any old tupperware will do although for optimum storage we recommend glass or ceramic containers, with a rubber gasket closure.

That said, you can’t store beans indefinitely. Our tests show that fresh
roasted coffee is best between two and fourteen days from the roast date.
You will notice a slight diminishment between fourteen and twenty-four days, and a dramatic dropoff by thirty days. If you find yourself with a couple extra pounds, you can get another week of life out the beans by freezing them. If you are freezing, you certainly want an airtight container. The moisture in a freezer can cause a flattening of flavor.

We ship our beans to you within hours of the roast, while the beans are
still “de-gassing.” Our bag with the one-valve bags allow us to ship right
away and also increases the shelf-life of roasted beans. It’s fine to store
your fresh roasted beans in the bag with the one-way valve. Top flavor will
last up to thirty days.